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Las mejores frases de la historia

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  • Las mejores frases de la historia

    Pregnancy is the ideal time to start connecting with your child. The child must feel the love of the mother from the first moment , to know that he has someone who protects him and who will love him all his life. Stroking the belly, dedicating words, whispering nice phrases constantly favor their development. Life phrases

    One of the main problems of pregnancy is that some mothers do not pay enough attention to the baby. However, from the first weeks of pregnancy you can already feel the maternal heat, so it is imperative that you feel supported from the start.

    Many scientific investigations corroborate that children are born healthier and their personality is much friendlier when transmitted daily love, well by soft gestures, with nice words and relaxing music. In addition, the father also has to get involved in this task so that he recognizes him after the birth.

    I have come to give you some advice so that the child grows up healthy and happy.

    Love phrases . The first thing that suits you to listen to the baby are tender and beautiful dedications, in order that you feel that you will be welcome to the world. It transmits every day some let you know that you are there for what you need, even if they are short, you will really appreciate it in the future. And you too, because the probability of it coming out is much lower.

    Paternal collaboration. The mother is the one who is pregnant, but the children also want to hear the encouragement of their parents. The activity of talking with him daily must be a matter of two, so when the father comes to work, talk with him and show him your unconditional love .

    Music . Classical music helps the baby's brain develop properly. Your skills will be much greater, you will learn more easily and you will do much better in school during childhood and adolescence.

    It is not much effort that you have to do, in fact, it should come from the heart. With these tricks the family will be united and your children will take care of you with care when you are the ones who need you. We all reach the third age, do not we?
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